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Pride & Joy

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Pride & Joy

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
Craig Bierko, Julie Warner

We gave it a D+

The newborn sitcom ‘Pride & Joy’ produces a gag reflex if you’re tickled by jokes about diapers and placentas, then Pride & Joy (NBC, Tuesdays, 9:30-10 p.m.) may be the show for you. Julie Warner (Doc Hollywood) and Greg Evigan look-alike Craig Bierko (Madman of the People) play Amy and Greg Sherman, a pair of bland Manhattanites with a newborn son. Across the hall live the constantly squabbling Nathan (The Larry Sanders Show’s Jeremy Piven) and Carol Green (stand-up Caroline Rhea), parents of a baby boy and a never-seen 12-year-old son (note to all sitcom writers: Enough with the invisible characters already). Created by Family Ties’ Marc Lawrence, P&J tries to affect an air of sophistication with jokes about Donna Karan and Waiting for Godot. But mostly it wallows in infantile humor: ”All we need is a tiny little trench coat,” Warner cracks wanly as she watches her offspring play with himself. Piven strains to enliven his unemployed-stockbroker character, but he’s lost without Larry Sanders’ smart scripts. The otherwise unspectacular P&J may be remembered as the first sitcom to feature a spit take with breast milk. Then again, it may not. D+