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Mail: 'Star Trek: Voyager'

Readers respond to ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ and the cancellation of ‘My So-Called Life’

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The cover story on Star Trek: Voyager (#258, Jan. 20) once again showed me why I subscribe to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. Albert Kim did a wonderful job on the cast profiles, particularly on Kate Mulgrew, who will make an excellent, memorable captain. Unfortunately, with the emphasis on a woman?s occupying the captain?s chair, the most notable ?female? was virtually left out of your article ? the U.S.S. Voyager herself. This is one beautifully designed starship, and I?m sure this baby is going to kick butt for many seasons to come.
Steve D?Acchioli
Johnston, R.I.

While it is commendable that EW has such an interest in America Online, it?s a shame that EW pulled two obscure messages from AOL users to support an (apparently) predetermined point. The quotes from AOL in the Voyager story suggested that AOL users were in an uproar over the Captain Janeway character. Many fans have applauded the concept of a female captain from day one and have left many messages to that effect. When story came out after Genevieve Bujold?s departure that male actors were being considered to replace her, AOLers participated in a ?fax Paramount? campaign to keep the captain a woman.
Bill Mason
Star Trek Forum Host
Glenolden, Pa.

Please beam me up! Enough already! Have you considered changing your name to Star Trek Weekly? In the past six months I can count at least three covers featuring Star Trek. Believe it or not, there are readers who don’t like Star Trek! I think your magazine’s great, but I am ”trekked out.”
Beth Moxey Eck
Pottstown, Pa.


I cannot begin to express my outrage over the cancellation of the TV series My So-Called Life. The talented, young cast portrayed teenagers as they really are, unlike the cardboard-cutout teens in most sitcoms. I am no longer a teen myself, but watching My So-Called Life was like opening a video yearbook.
Rose M. Sweeney
La Belle, Fla.

If I, like, hear one more, like, word about what a, like, bummer it is that My So-Called Life has been canceled, I’ll, like, shoot myself. As a 19-year-old female, I am disgusted by it. It has traded characterization and coherent plots for hip posturing and a pseudorebellious attitude. Good riddance to My So-Called Life, I say; for a truly realistic depiction of teenage life, I’ll stick with Roseanne.
Megan Gerrity
New York City


In regard to your review of the video release of …And God Spoke, which you gave an A: The ”writer-director” is not Arthur Borman. …And God Spoke was written by Gregory S. Malins and myself, based loosely (and I emphasize the word loosely) on an idea by Arthur Borman and his brother Mark. Thought you might like to know that even in a biblical epic, the director is still not quite the Supreme Being.
Michael Curtis
Los Angeles