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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Thank you for the interesting article on Hollywood’s biggest gambles of 1995 (#257, Jan. 13). How about a follow-up at the end of this year to see how these gambles paid off?
John Stone
Lansing, Mich.

I was annoyed by your rhetoric regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Why is it that in all other styles of music, performers are allowed to age gracefully, while in rock, talented people like Tyler are ostracized? Your assertion that age is equated with an inability to perform or sell records is absurd. Why not denounce the Rolling Stones, Page and Plant, and Clapton, and advise them to hang it up? One wonders if today’s overproduced wonder bands will be around in 20 years to receive the same treatment by publications like yours.
Joseph T. Castiglia
Jamaica, N.Y.

Regarding your concerns over Val Kilmer’s taking the role of Batman: With critics’ darling Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face and box office god Jim Carrey as the Riddler, it is safe to say that Mickey Rooney could play the lead in Batman Forever and the movie would still gross over $200 million.
Not that I want to see this happen, mind you.
Brian Joines
Beaverton, Ore.


Watching Newt Gingrich tout Boys Town (News & Notes) as an American way of life is like watching Cruella De Vil give sewing lessons at the ASPCA. Don’t underestimate the American public. Take your book advance, Newt. ”We don’t need another hero!”
John D. Tsikitas
New York City


I enjoyed your ”New Year Revolutions” list of what you hope to see — or not see — in music in ’95. But I disagree with the idea that Janet Jackson’s had too many singles. Ace of Base and Toni Braxton, maybe. All their singles sound alike! At least you can detect a difference among Janet’s singles. Her album janet. is hot, hot, and I hope to see many more singles in ’95.
Mike Litherland
Dayton, Ohio

I was concerned by your statement ”Grateful Dead-style bands must stop.” Bands like Phish, Blues Traveler, and God Street Wine (Grateful Dead-style bands as you put it) offer the only true alternative in music. Bands like Phish have amazing talent, outrageous creativity, and attract fans of all ages. What we need, if anything, is more of them.
Matthew Spewak
Princeton, N.J.


My wife and I applaud you for venturing out on the Internet, which few magazines have done. We specifically enjoyed Pat H. Broeske’s article on the upcoming Oscars (News & Notes). Not only did it cover the obvious nominees, but it also mentioned some long shots. I’m looking forward to your coverage when the nominations are released.
Sean Boggess