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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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For ‘Closure’
I applaud your recent article on Disclosure (#253, Dec. 16). Sexual harassment is obviously a very delicate subject, and I found EW’s conduct in approaching it satisfying. Assigning both a male and a female reporter to cover it was praiseworthy. Kudos to Benjamin Svetkey and Rebecca Ascher-Walsh for their brilliant interviews and reporting. Keep up the good work.
Chad Sexton
Huntsville, Tenn.

I’d like to compliment you on the entertaining and informative cover story on Disclosure. Thumbs up to EW for this great article, and congratulations to Michael Crichton on another great novel.
Kevin Catchpole
East Berne, N.Y.

I’m perplexed. While Disclosure is touted as a new release, on your cover Michael Douglas appears to have just walked off The Streets of San Francisco as a fresh-faced thirtysomething-or-other. Is this the fabled ”Cover of Dorian Gray,” or does Mr. Douglas have personal use of a time machine to straddle both the ’70s and the ’90s?
Marc LaFoy
Toronto, Canada

A So-Called Miss

In the fall TV season’s hits and misses article, ABC executive Alan Sternfeld says, ”we give (a new show) a protected opportunity to flourish.” But ABC’s My So-Called Life, easily the best new show in years, was scheduled against NBC’s Thursday night dreadnought; that’s certainly not a ”protected opportunity to flourish.” I hope ABC reconsiders putting the show on hiatus since it hasn’t even given it a fighting chance.
David Rapp
New York City

Mac Attack

In response to the article in your Video section ”Look Who’s Gawky,” I think there is an anti-Macaulay Culkin bias in the entertainment world. Clearly, the reason behind it seems to be his father’s power obsession, but why should anyone wish the father’s punishment visited upon the head of his 14-year-old son?
David Blackledge
Montgomery, Ala.

Like a Loser?

I would hardly call Madonna the ”Loser of the Week.” Her album Bedtime Stories only took a week to rebound to No. 24 from No. 33. You should stop coming down so hard on Madonna.
Richard L. Brinson Jr.
Richlands, N.C.

Broadway Baby

It was a pleasant surprise to find the decadent set from Sunset Boulevard in EW. How about regular theater articles and reviews? I’m sure many visitors to New York would appreciate the close-up.
Steve Wilson
El Cajon, Calif.

Sherman’s Thanks

Thanks for the short but sweet article on Bobby Sherman. Many of the people and music who’ve brought me the most happiness too often are brushed aside.
Kathy McAllister
Jackson, Mich.