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Fine Lines

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Fine Lines

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In Season
Simon Beckett

We gave it an A-

In Simon Beckett’s Fine Lines, Donald Ramsey is a stalker who knows his limitations. ”Anna and Marty were very obviously in love, and when I decided to end their relationship I knew I would need help.” So this fussy little art dealer, who has become obsessed with his assistant, hires a male model to seduce her and…worse. Donald’s urges are not just sexual but aesthetic: Marty’s too ugly to touch someone as pretty as Anna. This is the same brand of sad and gummy obsession as in Nabokov’s Lolita, but it turns vicious fast, and after an hour or so inside Donald’s thoughts, you’ll want to take a bath. Don’t. You’ll just stare at the wall and wonder whether he’s pulling his favorite trick of watching through holes in the plaster. A-