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"Buddy Holly," Always," and "Gone Country"

“Buddy Holly,” Always,” and “Gone Country” — Three major radio stations talk about their most-requested songs right now

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We asked program directors at three major radio stations across the country to expound upon their top three singles and to predict the next big hits.

KROQ L.A. (Rock)
”Buddy Holly,” Weezer: ”Our most-requested song for a month.”
”When I Come Around,” Green Day: ”It’s rare to have four massive hits off one album. But Dookie is now one of the biggest-selling punk records of all time.”
”Better Man,” Pearl Jam: ”Speaks for itself.”
Two to watch: ”Hole’s ‘Asking for It’ is ready to become massive. And Oasis’ ‘Live Forever’ looks to be the biggest song out of England in the last year.”

WMXV New York (Adult contemporary)
”Turn the Beat Around,” Gloria Estefan: ”Fun, retro disco-people still love it.”
”I’m the Only One,” Melissa Etheridge: ”A great love song with really good lyrics.”
”Always,” Bon Jovi: ”It’s hard to go wrong with a solid ballad.”
Two to watch: ”Martin Page’s ‘In the House of Stone and Light’ is a solo album we love, from the guy who wrote hits like ‘We Built This City.’ We’ve also gotten great response to the live version of The Eagles’ 1976 song ‘Wasted Time.”’

KYNG Dallas (Country)
”The Big One,” George Strait: ”Around here we refer to him as King George.”
”Gone Country,” Alan Jackson: ”It’s a great song-it really represents what’s happening in country music today.”
”Little Houses,” Doug Stone: ”Should help pay for his big one (house, that is).”
Two to watch: ”Tracy Byrd’s ‘The Keeper of the Stars’ promises to be the ultimate wedding song of 1995. And Garth Brooks’ ‘The Red Strokes’ didn’t make the greatest hits, but it deserved to.”