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Go Figure

Pop culture by the numbers

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Maximum length in inches of Keanu Reeves’ brush cut in Speed: 3/4

Length in seconds of Steven Seagal’s eco-sermon in On Deadly Ground: 215

Number of times that, like, ”like” was spoken in the Nov. 10 episode of My So-Called Life: 43

Number of articles on the Nexus database in 1994 that used the term ”information superhighway”: 11,543

Number of days between Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce from Danny Keough and her marriage to Michael Jackson: 20

Number of days from the first rumor of their grand union to confirmation by the happy couple: 21

Number of articles on Nexus surmising that Elvis rolled over in his grave when his daughter married Jackson: 34

Number of Unsolved Mysteries solved this year: 23

Number of fugitives nabbed this year on tips to America’s Most Wanted: 45

Approximate number of people who paid to see Miracle on 34th Street over the Thanksgiving weekend: 1 million

Approximate number of refund requests in response to Miracle on 34th Street‘s guarantee of satisfaction or your money back: 5,000

Cost of the full-page ad in The Times of London that Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford took out in May to declare their love and heterosexuality: $30,000

Cost of the two-page ad in Daily Variety that Anne Rice took out in September to declare her love for Tom Cruise and Interview With the Vampire: $7,740

Cost of George Michael’s suit to free himself from his $12 million Sony contract: $4.6M

Michael’s estimated personal worth: $108M

Reported cost of Cher’s investment in her Sanctuary mail-order business: $2M

Cost of Sonny Bono’s successful campaign for California’s 44th District congressional seat: $592,000

Number of weeks remaining before Tim Allen’s staff again forgets to submit his Emmy nomination: 20 .