December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

You loved him on Talk Soup and adored him on Court TV. Now you can catch Kato Kaelin, O.J. Simpson’s former houseboy, in the straight-to-tape erotic thriller Inner Sanctum 2, though you might need to hit the pause button on your remote to get a good look at him. Yes, that’s Kaelin, barely recognizable underneath all the latex, making a nanosecond-long appearance as The Ghoul in the Graveyard during the nightmare sequence that opens the film. In fact, Kaelin has a long working relationship with Sanctum director Fred Olen Ray: Die-hard fans of the genre can witness his turn as a waiter in Ray’s erotic thriller Possessed By the Night, as well as his less impressive bit as just another extra in the director’s upcoming Bikini Drive-In.

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