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This Dud's For You

Special videos for special people

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While you’re loading up that shopping basket at the video store, don’t be stingy: Remember, too, those people in your life who made this past year a living hell. Blowing them off this holiday season would be much too easy. So just for them, we’ve come up with a short and none-too-sweet list of ”lump of coal” stocking stuffers that will allow you to have that last holiday laugh.

Outback Australia (Warner, unrated, $12.95) and Girls of Hooters (Playboy, unrated, $19.95) The perfect his-and-hers collection of cheesy soft-porn gawk tapes. First up, a stiff cocktail of the hunks from the outback known as Manpower Australia — ”The Thunder From Down-Under” — taking a brief reprieve from their Chippendales-esque Vegas floor show to frolic just for you in the desert. Follow it up with a chaser of buxom, scantily-clad waitresses. Yes, the ”girls” of Hooters, that wholesome restaurant chain, fresh from their pictorial in Hugh Hefner’s monthly, have come up with this video air kiss.

Spirit of the Season, starring Ernest Borgnine (Homestead, unrated, $59.95) There was a time when the burly, gap-toothed Borgnine was a serious Hollywood star. But these days, vehicles like this yuletide dreck — in which he hosts two lame-o Christmas tales — are the video equivalent of a leaden fruitcake.

Ray Stevens Live (Clyde Records, unrated, $19.98) Sorry, Ray, but everything is not beautiful, even at holiday time. The evidence: this painfully cloying, unaccountably successful long-form concert video. Here, in all of his unabashed bumpkin splendor, Stevens belts out such ditties as ”I Saw Elvis in a UFO,” ”Ahab the Arab,” and ”The Streak” with enough down-home razzmatazz to make Siegfried and Roy look like amateurs.