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Music Review: 'CrazySexyCool'

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We gave it an A-

After proving the appeal of their brightly colored mix-and-match clothes, condom consciousness, and kiddie-cute hip-hop with multiplatinum numbers, TLC return with CrazySexyCool (Arista/LaFace), an album filled with adult-female sexuality — although still not always of the most mature kind. The spoken word ”Sexy” takes the form of a crank phone call in which an unsuspecting male is telephoned, flattered in no uncertain terms, then humiliated. This hide- and-seek coyness is essential to TLC’s attitude and allure, but also points to the shallowness of their lyrics, none of which express an idea half as original or up-to-date as the album’s state-of-the-art production. That probably won’t stop fans from gobbling up this pop confection. It would take a nation of millions to hold back the slinky ”Creep” from becoming a hit. But it’s the Prince-inspired ballad ”Waterfalls,” and the mournful left-field funk-rock of ”Something Wicked” that hint at the artistic greatness TLC might achieve if freed from commercial concerns. B+