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Actors, directors, and screenwriters react to their movies making the ‘National Review”s 100 best conservative movies list

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As one would expect, the National Review‘s Oct. 24 list of the 100 best conservative movies is chockablock with red-blooded John Wayne pics and sweet-as-pie Frank Capra weepers. What we didn’t count on was flicks like The Bicycle Thief and Dumbo. (Just because Dumbo’s an elephant doesn’t mean he’s in the GOP.) We called some folks on the list who might not consider themselves aligned with William F. Buckley. Here’s what they thought:

*Movie: Baby Boom, in which a new mom quits her yuppie job to work from home. Considered: One of the ”Best Pictures Celebrating Family Life.” Says star Diane Keaton: ”Conservative? Hell-OOO!? A single mother raising a kid? I don’t think Dan Quayle would agree.”

*Movie: 10, in which a middle-aged married man comes thisclose to having an affair with pot-smoking Bo Derek. Considered: One of the ”Best Pictures Indicting the Spiritual Barrenness of Hedonistic Yuppieism.” Says director Blake Edwards: ”I am deeply honored I may now have to consider changing my politics.”

*Movie: Ghostbusters, in which an EPA official’s ”mindless enforcement of the rules allows fearsome phantoms to escape, wreaking havoc on New York.” Considered: ”Best Portrait of a U.S. Government Bureaucrat.” Says costar and co-screenwriter Harold Ramis: ”It’s nice to be on any list, but the logic is so idiotic.”

*Movie: Forrest Gump, in which some hippies are portrayed as violent, foolish drug addicts. Considered: ”Best Picture Indicting the ’60s Counterculture.” Says producer Steve Tisch: ”I’m not sure I want to be on any list except the critics’ top 10 list, the moviegoers’ top 10 list, and a certain list that comes out in February.”

*Movie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 version), in which Americans are replaced by inert alien ”pods.” Considered: The best at showing the ”dangers of mass conformity and tyranny posed by a ‘beneficent’ government.” Says screenwriter W.D. Richter:Bodysnatchers conservative? A frantic misreading of the text. If there is a force out there stalking humanity, perhaps it’s the Republican right.”