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Feeding Frenzy

‘Jurassic Park’ at the 1 hour 58 minute mark

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Want to see a dinosaur become extinct right before your eyes? Get your remote control ready while watching Jurassic Park (1993, MCA/Universal) on videotape or, better yet, crystal-clear laserdisc. An hour and 58 minutes into the movie — just as the Tyrannosaurus rex chomps down on a velociraptor threatening Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and the kids in the lobby of the theme park’s visitor center — hit the freeze button, and go through the scene frame by frame. You’ll see that for one brief instant the raptor disappears from the T. rex‘s jaws — apparently the fault of one of the computer-animation wizards at Industrial Light and Magic. The raptor returns in the very next frame to resume its role as dino food.