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TV Show Review: 'Genghis Cohn'

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Adeliriously complicated little trifle, Genghis Cohn (A&E, Nov. 6, 8-10 p.m.) stars Antony Sher as Genghis Cohn, a Jewish music-hall comedian whose World War II death was ordered by Nazi officer Otto Schatz (Robert Lindsay). Years later, Schatz is living the life of a highly respected police commissioner in the small town of Licht when Cohn’s ghost returns to haunt him. And not just haunt him — to taunt him, to ridicule him unmercifully, to turn him into a suicidal laughingstock. There’s a subplot about a series of murders Schatz is investigating, and a religious conversion that has to be seen to be believed. All this, plus Diana Rigg as a wittily zaftig widow pursuing Schatz — what more could you want? A-