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Streep Sweep

Thank you for your coverage on Meryl Streep and The River Wild (243, Oct.7), especially Kurt Markus’ Mona Lisa-esque cover photo. I found the movie a refreshing break from the scores of other action flicks pumped full of meaningless killing. And the climactic scene, in which a gun-toting Streep confronts her tormentor, is a telling portrait of a society struggling to defend itself in an ever more violent world.
Michael P. Stadtmueller
Oshkosh, Wis.

As James Greenberg’s feature proves, Meryl Streep is a rare treasure, not only for the film industry and for women, but for every thinking individual on the face of the planet. To play her as a character should be the dream role of many an aspiring actress. And if she can sustain multimillion-dollar fees per picture, then more power to her.
Doug Strassler
Vienna, Va.

Rollin’ down The River Wild with Meryl Streep was more exciting than any Arnold, Sly, or Jean-Claude extravaganza! And I’d cross a dozen bridges to see Madison County. I wonder where Meryl will put her third Oscar? Hopefully on dry land.
Howard Aaron Shapiro
New York City

Beyond Sexy

I was thrilled to finally see an article about possibly the best actor of my generation. Brendan Fraser always exudes charm, wit, strength, sensitivity, and vulnerability without appearing to be cocky or stupid. The movies he has performed in, thus far, may not have been blockbusters, but they have been entertaining and sometimes even thought-provoking. I look forward to future work from, and interviews with, this actor, who seems to be as modest and charming — and sexy — off screen as on.
Jamie March
Buffalo Grove, Ill.

Thanks for the piece on Brendan Fraser. Not only is Fraser sexy, but he can also act-for proof watch School Ties and With Honors, where he more than held his own against Joe Pesci. In The Scout, he is nothing short of brilliant; a funny, touching, and smart performance. Who cares if Fraser isn’t Tom Cruise: I’d rather see him play not so dumb in Airheads than see Cruise in Interview With the Vampire any day.
Gina Morris
San Francisco

Not For Kids

The movie reviews in the Parents’ Guide are perfect examples of the negative images children continually receive from the TV and film industry. I disagree with the opinion that 10 is an appropriate age to be exposed to violence. Films have a big impact on children, and no 10-year-old needs to see a movie in which ”a woman is beaten to death” [Terminal Velocity] or ”two characters are shot and killed” [The River Wild]. It seems that maybe if we keep children away from guns and violence in movies, they will stay away from guns and violence in real life. It couldn’t hurt, could it?
Aaron Calander
San Francisco

Cho Biz

I like All-American Girl. Granted, it is a little simple, but Grandma isn’t a ”tidy stereotype” or as ”hopelessly unassimilated” as your review suggests. She seems pretty cool to me. Whose grandmother doesn’t tell old stories? But how many are channel-surfing, eccentric couch potatoes? Margaret Cho is a good enough actress to triumph over the show’s banal scripts and too wonderful a talent to waste. More creative control for Cho is probably the answer to the show’s problems.
Carolyn Kowalski
Norfolk, Va.