Stephen Schaefer
October 28, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TRUE LIES: Don’t believe everything you read, part 1: Warren Beatty wants to set the record straight. He was never interested in the lead role in Jade, as reported, and therefore did not lose out to NYPD Blue star David Caruso. ”The script (wasn’t right for) me — it’s a guy in his 20s,” says Beatty, 57, of the Joe Eszterhas-penned screenplay about an attorney investigating a murder involving his former lover. ”It would have required a rewrite from page one.” Even when the film’s producers asked him to reconsider, he stressed, ”It’s not for me.” Don’t believe everything you read, part 2: Robert Evans (coincidentally, Jade‘s producer) writes in his recent autobiography, The Kid Stays in the Picture, that the actor thought the poster for his 1978 film Heaven Can Wait — featuring a winged Warren in a sweatsuit and sneakers — needed a more prominent crotch. But again, Beatty says no. ”[Evans] is nice to me,” he says, ”but nice or not, the story’s not true.” — Stephen Schaefer

LIV ON LOVE: Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, makes her big-screen debut as a troubled teen counseled by Richard Dreyfuss in Silent Fall (due Oct. 28). But Tyler, 17, says one of her big moments is on the cutting-room floor. ”It was my first romantic scene,” she says. ”I licked [Dreyfuss’] neck and his mouth.” Tyler’s not disappointed, however. ”It was hard to watch, so it was a bit of a relief when it wasn’t in [the movie].” With her next film, Heavy, due out next year, the actress was more at ease during a romantic interlude with the Lemonheads Evan Dando. ”I take his overalls off and we do it in a garage,” she reveals. ”It was pretty funny.” Practice makes perfect. — SS

SOMETHING FISHY: Until now, the talk about Kevin Costner‘s Waterworld, the aquathriller now shooting in Hawaii, has focused on its obscenely big budget (reportedly upwards of $100 million). At a recent press outing, however, Costner quickly dismissed the press for its fiscal reporting. ”It’s just genuinely hostile,” he says. ”If it were your money and your production, then it would be correct to start talking about it and start worrying about it.” But when asked about his role — a waterlogged warrior — Costner was not so stingy. ”It’s a pretty exotic look,” says the actor, who will sport long blond tresses and fins for the character that he describes as ”the next step of the evolutionary chain.” Does that mean he has a tail? ”No,” he says, ”I’m not a guppie.” — Cindy Pearlman

NO COKE, PEPSI: A new twist in the cola wars: Why endorse a product when you can bottle it instead? Such prominent African-Americans as Whitney Houston, actor Danny Glover, Hollywood Überlawyer Johnnie Cochran, and Orlando Magic center Shaquille O’Neal are sinking approximately $15 million into a new Pepsi-Cola distribution company in Johannesburg, South Africa. ”Investment hasn’t come as quickly as [Nelson Mandela] likes,” says Cochran about his involvement. ”As an African-American, I can show the way.” Pepsi also plans to sponsor Houston’s benefit tour of South Africa, which will be broadcast on HBO on Nov. 12. The irony in all of this? Houston’s stint as a spokeswoman for rival diet Coke. ”We’re all entitled to make one mistake in life,” says James Lawrence, group president of Pepsi-Cola in Africa, adding, ”there’s a new black empowerment, and Whitney’s putting her money where her mouth is.” -Maria A. Ricapito

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