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Animated Dispositions

Cartoon Casting Call for ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘The Adventures of Jonny Quest’

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So revisionist cartoon prehistory didn’t quite pan out with the Flintstones movie. No need to trash the whole concept of remaking animated Hanna-Barbera TV shows with live actors. A producer might do better to turn over another stone — say, the sort-of-sci-fi Jetsons or the proto-Indana Jones actioner The Adventures of Jonny Quest. We’ll do the casting.

The Jetsons

George Jetson
Richard Mulligan

Jane Jetson
Kathie Lee Gifford

Elroy Jetson
Mason Gamble

Judy Jetson
Tori Spelling

Astro Jetson
Leslie Nielsen

Mr. Spacely
Dennis Franz

The Adventures of Jonny Quest

Jonny Quest
Macaulay Culkin

Dr. Benton Quest
Sean Connery

Don Rickles

Race Bannon
Dolph Lundgren