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Where Egos Dare

The breakdown of Brando’s appearance on ‘Larry King Live’

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It’s no wonder Marlon Brando chose to give his one and only interview to promote his new book, Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me, to CNN’s Larry King. Despite meeting for the first time only a few days earlier, the two have clearly bonded. In fact, Brando’s 90-minute chat on Oct. 7’s Larry King Live was like a meeting of a mutual-admiration society. Highlights of the lovefest:

Number of times Brando complimented King: 6
Number of times King complimented Brando: 3
Number of times Brando called King his ”dear, dear friend”: 1
Number of times they blew a kiss to each other: 1
Number of times they kissed on the lips: 1
Number of times Brando called King ”darling”: 2
Number of times Brando mopped sweat from King’s brow: 1
Amount of time King let Brando ramble about CO2 on the planet: 5 minutes, 30 seconds.