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Medical Miracle

This week’s TV ratings

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In its first week as the only Chicago hospital drama in its time slot, NBC’s ER lunged into the top five, destroying its newsmag competitors, ABC’s PrimeTime Live (71st) and CBS’ Eye to Eye With Connie Chung (81st). Moved out of ER‘s path, CBS’ Chicago Hope rose from 69th to 38th, but still got killed by NBC’s Seinfeld (3rd). The Peacock network has other reasons to celebrate: Its Markie Post movie, Someone She Knows, finished 5th on Monday, and while Frasier (8th) hasn’t knocked Home Improvement from its perch atop the ratings, Kelsey Grammer’s sitcom has been slowly closing the gap on Tuesdays. NBC’s seaQuest DSV (44th), however, is merely treading water, splitting the Sunday sci-fi audience with ABC’s Lois & Clark (42nd) for the second straight season.