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Kids Extra Video Games Reviews

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(All reviews by Jonathan and Chip Carter.)

Ages 6 and UP

THE GREAT CIRCUS mystery starring mickey and minnie (Capcom, for Genesis and Super NES, $60) Gender equality and character appeal make for a simple game that’s simply delightful. Mickey and Minnie’s goal is to set things straight for a circus that’s gone awry. Ace animation combines with wacky action in that rare game that’s equally enjoyable for boys and girls. A+

ACME ANIMATION FACTORY (Sunsoft, for Super NES, $69.99) Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, and the rest of the Warner Bros. gang help players draw, compose soundtracks, and make short ‘toons. A creative, interactive kick. A

Ages 8 and UP

EARTHWORM JIM (Playmates Interactive Entertainment, for Genesis and Super NES, $69.99) Jim is a self-parodying superhero on a cosmic quest to keep from becoming intergalactic fish bait. With its hilarious action and super-smooth game play, Jim will definitely hook the kids. A

BABY’S DAY OUT (Hi Tech, for Game Boy, $29.99, Genesis, $59.99, and Super NES, $69.99) Although Baby’s Day Out debuted as a movie, its one-dimensional chase-and-escape plot is better suited to the video-game format. But not much better. Players help Baby Bink avoid kidnappers, sometimes turning themselves into guns to do so. A wrong move means Bink gets snatched — an unsettling outcome. C+

Ages 10 and UP

VIRTUAL BART (Acclaim, for Genesis, $59.99, and Super NES, $69.99) When young master Simpson volunteers for a virtual-reality experiment, the result is a series of mind-boggling trips: to the Jurassic era, a water park, and — gulp! — his own infancy. There’s plenty of fun here, but The Simpsons’ trademark sarcastic streak is, unfortunately, absent. B

Ages 12 and UP

BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD (Viacom, for Genesis and Super NES, $64.99) In a phrase, this game is totally unsuitable for children. That said, every kid will want to play it. It’s being touted as nonviolent because Beavis and Butt-head don’t use weapons. But don’t thank your stars just yet: The pair vanquish foes with graphic bouts of belching and flatulence. Lovely stuff, really. D