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TV Movie Review: 'Without Consent'

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Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Jennie Garth is a bad, bad girl in the TV movie Without Consent (ABC, Oct. 16, 9-11 p.m.). She drinks to excess, she pets heavily with various boyfriends, and she plays rock music really loud. Still, it seems a tad harsh of her parents (L.A. Law‘s Jill Eikenberry and My So-Called Life‘s Tom Irwin) to have her committed to a private psychiatric center. Tim Kring’s script is deft at exposing the banality of recovery-movement jargon about addiction and ”denial.” But Consent is also a standard melodrama, the umpteenth variation on The Snake Pit — the asylum as a place where patients are doped into a stupor and abused. Garth is fine as both brat and victim, and Roseanne‘s Johnny Galecki turns in an excellent performance as a gentle but paranoid patient, but both actors are trapped in a predictable genre movie. C+