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September 09, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT


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We gave it a D+

No one can say that pop’s vision of romance is limited to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ”Put ‘Em on the Glass.” At least, not with Boyz II Men-and their throwback to classic Motown soul-celebrating seduction, monogamy, and mutual respect so heartily. The Philly-based vocal quartet’s hit debut (7 million copies sold worldwide) was no slouch in the wide-eyed love-song department, but II (Motown), their follow-up, is even more sophisticated. ”Thank You” shows gratitude to a lover for sticking through the hard times, ”On Bended Knee” begs a departed partner to return, and ”Water Runs Dry” reminds couples to communicate to prevent building walls between each other. Boyz II Men aren’t monks; no matter how noble the lyrics, the lush vocal and string arrangements suggest a deep-seated sensuality. And when they do get down and dirty, it’s with someone they want to spend their life with. Even when the funk gets turned up-as on ”All Around the World”—the Boyz maintain their understated charm. A

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