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Woodstock '94: Day of the Jackyl

The most riveting surprise of festival ’94

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Woodstock ’94 saw a lot of scene-stealers — Trent Reznor, Perry Farrell, Cypress Hill’s B-Real — but when push came to shove, no one matched the bloody, flame- throwing, butt-wiggling antics of Jackyl.

For the Atlanta quintet, it was do or die. They came to the festival on Friday as an automatic underdog-a third-rate hair band best known for doing that ”Lumberjack” song with a chain saw. ”We had to beg to be on the bill,” confessed the metal band’s mangy frontman, Jesse James Dupree, 31. ”But we took it by the balls and made it a Jackyl Awareness Day.” Indeed. Dupree and his band of Georgia warthogs left Saugerties as champions, and they did it by dishing up one of the most over-the-top feasts of rock & roll cliches ever seen.

In less than one hour, Dupree:
(1) Grabbed his crotch and urged the crowd to do the same.
(2) Cut his hand and smeared his body with blood. (”I was bleedin’ because I love the people,” he says.)
(3) Poured a bottle of cognac on the mosh pit.
(4) Lit a stool on fire, a la Jimi Hendrix, and sliced it in half with a chain saw.
(5) Fired a 12-gauge goose gun as a salute to fallen Woodstockers Keith Moon, Janis Joplin, and Hendrix. (”I didn’t kill nobody,” Dupree reasons.)
(6) And, to accompany the anthem ”She Loves My C — -,” dropped trou and shoved his raw rump into the video camera.

A few minutes after this display of hillbilly Grand Guignol, Dupree stood alone outside the MTV tent carrying a wooden staff, wearing a gigantic Stetson, and picking clots of blood out of his mustache. While some may have been disgusted-”we are the kings of the politically incorrect,” Dupree claims- the singer characterized his performance in terms of redneck integrity. ”We felt it our civic responsibility that these people got double their money’s worth,” says Dupree. ”Otherwise they would’ve been ripped off.” Not with Jackyl around. x