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What's Destined to Get Noticed at the Movies

Here are 26 answers you’ll want to keep on file

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Angora, What Ever Happened to See Johnny Depp, sweater girl, in Ed Wood.

Bening, Beatty-and- See the Love Affair couple try to become a household hyphenate a la Tracy-and-Hepburn.

Citizens, Very Senior See Peter Falk play 107 in Roommates; see also Antonio Banderas play approximately 2,000 in Interview With the Vampire.

Dog, Not to Be Confused With the See Gary Oldman play Beethoven, the shaggy composer, in Immortal Beloved.

Eternity, From Here to See Captain Kirk set a course for the final frontier in Star Trek: Generations.

Forrest Primeval, Foster’s See Jodie go Gump one better as a grown-up Appalachian wild child in Nell.

Gonzo, Bedtime for See Steve Martin do drama in Simple Twist of Fate.

Helm Street, Nightmare on See Freddy Krueger go after the director himself in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

Insanity, Stop the See John Turturro 22 pounds heavier for his role in Quiz Show.

Jumpers, Fashionable Fall See ’70s cover girl Nastassja Kinski fall from a plane in Terminal Velocity; see also the latest pinafores on Paris runway models in Pret-a-Porter.

Kringles, Your Choice of See Sir Richard Attenborough as the department store saint in Miracle on 34th Street or TV fixture Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Life, Art Imitates See former lovers Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston-as former lovers-in The Crossing Guard.

Mouse, Sylvester, That’s No See rough, tough Stallone meet his match-Sharon Stone-in The Specialist.

Nursing, He’ll Never Take Up See Arnold Schwarzenegger pregnant in Junior.

On the Western Front, Almost All’s Quiet See lonesome hombres Rob Lowe and Bill Paxton in Frank and Jesse.

Pranksters, Merry See recording artists/phone bozos Johnny B. and Kamal up to new tricks in The Jerky Boys.

Queen, Every Inch a King or See Jaye Davidson play Ra, god/goddess of a far- flung alien world in StarGate.

Relative, Everything’s See Albert Einstein arrange a husband for niece Meg Ryan in I.Q.

Scientists, Mad See Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Victor Frankenstein of Geneva; see also Anthony Hopkins as Dr. John Kellogg of Battle Creek, Mich.

Tortured in the Making of This Film, No Animals Were See Sigourney Weaver torment Ben Kingsley in Roman Polanski’s Death and the Maiden.

Upset, For Mild Stomach See a comatose Uma Thurman given a rousing revival in Pulp Fiction.

Voice-Activated , If You’re Hear Patrick Stewart and Whoopi Goldberg suspended in animation in The Pagemaster.

Woman, Scent of an Underage See Chris O’Donnell and Melrose Place‘s Amy Locane, four years younger than today, in the long-delayed Blue Sky.

Xerox Machine, Somebody Must Have Broken the See hardly any sequels.

You, They Dare See the Demi Moore- Michael Douglas sexual-harassment drama Disclosure with a date.

Zany, It Had Better Be See Nora Ephron’s comedy Lifesavers, set in the office of a suicide hotline.