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Teri (Sans) Cloth: Where’s Superman when you need him? Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) could have used some help from the Man of Steel — or at least his cape — when she found herself in a compromising position while filming Heaven’s Prisoners at the Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, La. Hatcher, who plays a sexy villainess in the erotic thriller (due out in December), was disrobing for a nude scene when a tour group unexpectedly cruised by the set. ”I’m completely nude and I walk by the window,” she explains, ”and all of a sudden there are all these 70- to 80- year-olds staring in. I had to finish the shot and they just laughed and laughed.” Hatcher has no hard feelings about the surprise sneak preview: ”I’m just glad I didn’t give anybody a heart attack.” —Jessica Shaw

Knight Moves: According to a recent trade report, Kenneth Branagh is a shoo-in for the role of a young Obi-wan Kenobi in George Lucas’ next Star Wars movie. Only problem is, nobody told Branagh. ”It’s news to me,” says his agent, Clifford Stevens. He notes, however, that if Branagh were offered the role, the actor — who is currently directing Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein — might be receptive to the idea. ”I hope there is (some truth to it),” says Stevens, ”it’s an interesting project.” But a spokeswoman for Lucas says it’s unlikely that any casting choices will be made soon: ”George hasn’t even written the script yet.” —Frank Spotnitz

Pool Moll: After her recent high school reunion in DeKalb, Ill., Cindy Crawford wandered into the Box Office Brewery (without Richard Gere) for some private time with an old friend. The combination bar-brewery-restaurant seemed like the perfect locale to avoid the gossip snoops. Little did she know that reporters from the DeKalb Daily Chronicle were having their own little get- together at the Box Office that night. One spotted Crawford and approached her, but not for a quote. ”One of my coworkers asked Cindy if she’d like to play pool,” says Chronicle staffer Bob Regan. She said yes. ”We shot a quick game,” says Regan. ”She was an average player.” But he says he awoke the next day in awe of his model encounter: ”I was wondering, ‘Did this really happen? Did I really play pool with Cindy Crawford?”’ —Cindy Pearlman

Puck Up: What’s the sure route to fame these days? Appear on TV picking scabs and shooting snot rockets. Puck, the undomesticated San Francisco bike messenger who’s been stirring up MTV’s Real World, recently flew to New York to star in ”Handouts,” a video by the up-and-coming punk band Black Train Jack. Howie Abrams, director of A&R at Roadrunner Records, says he spotted Puck on the tube and knew he’d found his man. ”I hate to admit it, but I do watch The Real World religiously,” Abrams says. The video features Puck doing what he loves: riding a bike. Or, shall we say, punishing a bike. ”The record company guy, he let me use a mountain bike,” Puck recalls. ”He’s like, ‘God, just don’t break it, man.’ I’m like, ‘It’s a bike and I’m rough. So if I break it, it’s on you.”’ Puck’s time in the limelight isn’t over. He signed with Prima Management and is a contender to be a new Calvin Klein model. —Jeff Gordinier