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The Wrong Signs in 'Major League II'

The stadium advertising gives away the fact that the Cleveland Indians aren’t playing at home

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Movies beget sequels all the time, so why shouldn’t movie mistakes have them too? In a goof from Die Hard 2, Bruce Willis’ John McClane uses a Pacific Bell pay phone, even though he’s in a Virginia airport. Now, Major League II features similarly crossed wires. A banner in what’s ostensibly the Cleveland Indians’ stadium advertises C&P Telephone’s yellow pages — though C&P (now called Bell Atlantic) operated no closer to Cleveland than West Virginia. Score the error to a substitute: Baltimore’s Camden Yards doubled as the Cleveland ballfield. The C&P mistake is almost too small to see on video, but not so another problem: an outfield ad for the Sheraton Inner Harbor, a Baltimore hotel. Oh, the signs, they need a-changin’.