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On the Set with a ''Little Rascal''

Sam Saletta tells EW about who he met during the filming

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Being in a major motion picture has its perks. At least according to 9-year-old Sam Saletta, who plays Butch in The Little Rascals, which opens this month. For one thing, you get to meet celebrities, like Daryl Hannah, who plays teacher Miss Crabtree. (“She was just too pretty,” says Sam.) For another, there’s all the networking. When real estate mogul Donald Trump — who has a cameo as the father of one of the Rascals — was on the set, “A lot of kids wanted his autograph,” says Sam, “but I asked him about investments.” His advice? “All he said was ‘Real estate, kid. Think real estate.'” Um…what ever happened to “plastics”?