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The Return of ''Indiana Jones''

Harrison Ford talks about what roles he wants to repeat, and what ones he doesn’t

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Harrison Ford is not opposed to repetition: He returns to his Patriot Games role as CIA man Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, which opened this week, and says he has been thinking about reprising yet another beloved character. ”There’s another Indiana Jones script,” says Ford. ”But it’s only been in the works for a year and a half — the last script took five years until everybody was happy.” Although he’s considering another Jones adventure, there’s one part he says he absolutely won’t replay — that of Dr. Richard Kimble from his 1993 hit The Fugitive. ”I can’t imagine it,” says Ford. ”I can’t conceive how they could come up with a script that would work. It’s in their best interest to try, but I can’t conceive it.” Guess he didn’t see the Police Academy movies.