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Title Trouble

The various alternate titles of ”It Could Happen to You”

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When director Andrew Bergman was putting the finishing touches on his romantic comedy starring Bridget Fonda and Nicolas Cage, he discovered the film had one problem: its title. ”Every time we screened the picture the audience just hated the name,” says Bergman of the then-titled Cop Tips Waitress. ”So we thought, maybe we should change it.” Thus began a series of transformations that resemble the tortured genealogy of an Old Testament clan: Cop Tips Waitress begat Cop Gives Waitress 2 M, which begat Cop Tips Waitress 2 Million Dollars, which begat Cop Gives Waitress 2 Million Dollar Tip, which begat The 2 Million Dollar Tip, which begat the film’s final name, It Could Happen to You. The title changes also begat utter confusion. Says Bergman: ”My costume designer took the picture thinking she was working on Kafka’s Waitress.”