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''Baby's'' Distraction

The toy of choice on the set of ”Baby’s Day Out” proved more than the crew could handle

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It wasn’t the baby drool that proved annoying on the set of Baby’s Day Out. It was Jo Jo the clown, a jack-in-the-box that was the toy of choice for the film’s twin stars Adam Robert and Jacob Joseph Worton. ”Whenever one of the babies was distracted, all you had to do was get Jo Jo,” says Baby’s director Patrick Read Johnson. Soon, they ”had huge crew guys and teamsters yelling, ‘No, not Jo Jo!”’ But when filming was completed, the crew exacted its revenge. ”We put it in the parking lot and set him on fire,” says Johnson. ”The entire crew cheered. We even taped it.” What if there’s a Baby’s Day Out 2? Says Johnson: ”I guess we’re in big trouble.”