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Sound Bites: The week's best TV Quotes

TV’s funniest lines from July 15 to July 21

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”I’d hug you, but I have really bad B.O. and you’d die.”
-bad boy Puck, making up with housemate Cory after a fight, on The Real World

”When ‘The Man With One Red Shoe’ is on the USA channel, you know they’re digging deep, and it’s painful.”
-Tom Hanks to David Letterman on how his early career gets too much notice now that he’s won an Oscar

”As you know, hakuna matata — that’s Swahili for ‘I wish I had a piece of this movie.’ ”
-Nathan Lane, the voice of meerkat Timon in The Lion King, to Jay Leno

”How would you expect us to celebrate it — ‘Who cares, we never wanted that continent anyway’?”
-Brit Patrick Stewart on why England doesn’t mark the Fourth of July, on Late Show