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''Another World'' Explores Breast Implants

Colleen Dion’s new storyline reflects her own experience

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Colleen Dion, who plays Brett on NBC’s Another World, admits the current story line in which she considers getting breast implants gave her pause — even though it was her idea. ”Last year I was going to have the surgery, so I told the show,” says Dion, 29. ”I’m pretty flat. I was only going up one size, but it would have been noticeable.” Although Dion eventually opted not to go under the knife, AW decided Brett would still explore the possibility. ”It hasn’t been easy,” says Dion. A scene in which Brett gets dejected while trying on bikinis ”was pretty degrading and had me almost in tears,” she says, until the writers made alterations. Now it appears that Brett, too, may decide against surgery. ”I feel good that we’re educating people that it’s important how you feel inside,” says Dion, ”not what your breasts look like.”