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Musicians Turn to Fashion

bands like Sonic Youth are now designing their own lines

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Tired of the baggy T-shirts and pants of the mosh-pit scene, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon swapped guitar pick for needle and thread this spring and came up with X-Girl, a line of feminine, form-fitting clothes. And she isn’t alone. In the latest twist on rock merchandising, musicians from the Beastie Boys to the Grateful Dead are hawking their self-designed wares, as the following samples show. At the very least, you’ll never have to wonder what to wear to their concerts.

The Goods: Beastie Boy Mike D and partners Adam Silverman and Eli Bonerz sell T-shirts, caps, and flannel shirts for grunge and hip-hop kids, skaters, and snowboarders. Chinos and jacket designs seem cribbed from a UPS guy’s uniform.
Celebrity Mannequins: The Beastie Boys(duh); Primus; Sonic Youth
Sample Lid: $18
What You’ll Look Like: Post-bong-hit janitor
Wackiest Item: ’70s-style T-shirt with Kung Fu-type characters on front
How to Score the Threads: X-Large shops in several major cities

The Goods: The catalog of the Dead features Garcia-and-company-approved garb dotted with the band’s ”Steal Your Face” skull or dancing bears on dog collars, Nicole Miller boxer shorts and ties, tie-dyed T’s, baby togs, golf shirts-even golf balls.
Celebrity Mannequins: The band’s roadies
Sample Lid: $18
What You’ll Look Like: A weekend Deadhead, man
Wackiest Item: Sport sandals with the ”Steal Your Face” skull on the clasp
How to Score the Threads: Dead-show vendors, some mall stores

The Goods: Kim Gordon and friend Daisy von Furth use their Home Ec skills to create affordable fashions that fit the female form — like tight, baby-size T-shirts and cotton and polyester frocks inspired by tennis dresses.
Celebrity Mannequins: Kim Gordon; Sofia Coppola; Ione Skye
Sample Lid: $22
What You’ll Look Like: Jan Brady at Lollapalooza
Wackiest Item: Hot pink mini that covers little more than an Ace bandage would
How to Score the Threads: X-Large too

The Goods: [Prince] peddles items that include limited-edition guitars, leather caps, jewelry, tambourines, Prince videos, discs of other artists on the Paisley Park music label, and ”Love God” guitar picks.
Celebrity Mannequins: [Prince]
Sample Lid: $195
What You’ll Look Like: [Prince]
Wackiest Item: An atomizer that sprays pheromones (selected and approved by [Prince]) into your bio-sphere
How to Score the Threads: Visit the [Prince]-designed Minneapolis store, a true mecca for fans.