EW Staff
June 24, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Rock Solid

As always, EW does a great job in reporting on the behind-the-scenes of a movie (225, June 3). The article ”Bedrock’s Unsolved Mysteries” was very informative and well done. It always amazes me how a big blockbuster can come together in the end, or fall apart in the beginning! So much work can go into the tiniest of details.
Sean Boyle
Herndon, Va.

After reading about all the money paid to the various scriptwriters, I think Mr. Spielrock should get a refund. Why would Kyle MacLachlan’s character, in his search for a figurehead who wouldn’t understand what he was signing, choose the worker with the highest score on the aptitude test to fill the position? Why have the evil manager in the film at all? This could have been a good movie if it had concentrated on what made The Flintstones a great TV show.
Mark J. Madrak
West Chester, Pa.

<p>Hicks Remembered

My husband and I had the pleasure and pain of experiencing Bill Hicks twice before he moved on (”Death of a Comedian”). He had the knack for conjuring up the deepest, most brutal truths. I remember laughing till I cried when he would rant and rave. He pushed you to the edge, dared you to dive, then did it himself.
Mary League
San Francisco

Bill Hicks was a mere comedian like Freddie Mercury was a mere rock singer. I was lucky enough to catch one of his last shows at Carolines, and came away elated, exhausted, and convinced that the next Lenny Bruce was finally upon us. The man was indeed a genius.
Tim Merrill
New York City

Fox Hunt

I am disappointed with your comment ”Fox can’t seem to come up with enough good series to fill out its prime-time schedule — how else to explain the continued existence of Married… With Children? — yet that hasn’t stopped the network from starting its own cable network, fX” (Television: The Week). Fox provides new, funny episodes week after week. According to Nielsen syndication numbers, Roseanne is the current rerun champ, followed by Married… With Children. I guess I am not alone in my sentiments.
David Deschene
Jersey City, N.J.

Bat Cop

Holy bat blunder! Doesn’t anyone remember that Billy Dee Williams played Gotham DA Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman (”Batman Battles New Bat Villains”)? Not that I’m complaining — Tommy Lee Jones is perfect for the part, a real casting coup. I just didn’t want anyone to forget that Billy Dee was there first.
Jack W. Groce II
Boone, N.C.

Ticket Too Wide

One hundred fifteen dollars for one Eagles ticket (”Tours de Force”) ?! Eventually, this avaricious mentality will trickle down to smaller venues, and I’ll be paying much more to see bands from this decade, bands I want to see.
Bryce A. Glass
Zanesville, Ohio

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