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Pop's newest Swedish imports

Ace of Base answers our stupid questions

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Ace of Base first scaled U.S. charts with its annoyingly catchy pop-reggae hit, ”All That She Wants,” from their debut album, The Sign. Thanks to that single and two follow-up hits (the record’s title song and ”Don’t Turn Around”), the album has sold 3 million copies in the U.S. Now all the Gothenburg, Sweden-based quartet — Ulf Ekberg, 23, and Berggren siblings Jonas, 27, Linn, 23, and Jenny, 22 — wants is another hit, so this month they’ll begin recording their second album. Before doing so, they found time to endure our ”10 Stupid Questions” challenge — this time with a geographical twist:

1. Are you the biggest band in Sweden? Jenny: We are the biggest export. But we sing in English, so we’re not big in Sweden. There, you have to mix with the right people in Stockholm and be really cool — and we’re sort of not.

2. How could you make yourselves stylish a la that other big Swedish band, Roxette? Ulf: I need bigger breasts.

3. Is your government too soft on its citizens? After all, it pays for everyone’s medical expenses Ulf: We should be harder, maybe, but I really love Sweden. It’s safer and cleaner compared to other countries.

4. Do Swedes talk to strangers? Jenny: In Sweden, it’s quite fun to talk to someone in an elevator, because they’re not used to it! Tell them a joke, and it scares them.

5. Ulf has a tattoo of Thor’s hammer. What would the rest of you get? Jonas: I’d get a Volvo.

6. What would it take to get Sweden into a war? Jenny: A lot. We haven’t seen a war in 200 years. We are the most peaceful people in the world. Jonas: We’re cowards.

7. Would you buy stock in ABBA? Jenny: If I knew then what I know now, yes. They’re a good investment. Their melodies never die. People won’t forget them.

8. Are you Ingmar Bergman fans? Jenny: He can be cruel, but very good. I feel uncomfortable because he shows reality, which I’m not always in the mood for.

9. What does Ace of Base mean? Jonas: Our base is our studio, and an ace is like a master. So, we are aces of our studio.

10. Did you ever think of spelling it Ace of Bass? Jonas: That would be even more corny.