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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on Brandon Lee and ”Living Single”

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Thanks to Rebecca Ascher-Walsh for relating the insights and feelings of those involved with the movie The Crow (#222, May 13). It is clear that Brandon Lee cherished his role and that, with unrestrained dedication, he sought to help create a striking and visionary film. I applaud the cast, crew, and writers who, despite the pain of revisiting a sad tragedy, helped place this film on the movie screen.
Conway B. So
Fresh Meadows, NY

Yours was the first and only news story I have read that recognized Brandon Lee’s life and talent rather than just his tragic death. I have been a fan of Lee’s for some time, and I was devastated when I learned that he had died. He was a great actor, and he deserves more of a tribute than he has received in the usual reports about his mysterious death. Thank you for the article.
JoAnne Greves
Massapequa, NY

In a world without heroes, Brandon Lee was mine. The media jumped all over the story of “Bruce Lee’s kid”; more often than not, they focused on the event of Lee’s death rather than on the man himself. Entertainment Weekly takes a different angle on things, and for that I will be forever thankful. EW shoots straight from the hip, whether the news is good or bad. It is objective and concise, and it has the first look at what is happening.
Dark Grayson
Dallas, TX

The loss of Brandon Lee was tragic and I felt it deeply. I collect comic books, and the Crow is one of my favorite characters. I was greatly satisfied when I heard Brandon got the part, for I was a fan of his, too. His death shocked me. I’m glad the film has been released, not so much for the chance to see my favorite character on screen but as a tribute to Brandon.
William J. Cieslik
Milwaukee, WI

Though your interview with Brandon Lee was interesting and well handled, you incorrectly called it his last. His last interview took place six days later — and six days before he died — and was published in the September 1993 issue of Comics Scene magazine.
Luigi Novi
Union City, NJ

Gene Lyons’ review of Reba McEntire’s autobiography was unjustifiable, undeserved, and downright rude. It seems you forgot that the book is about someone’s life, which no one has the right to judge. If reading about a life as exciting as Reba’s makes you “snooze,” Mr. Lyons, you must have a severe case of narcolepsy.
Gini Lea Ennis
Pembroke, GA

It is a sad, strange world we live in when a person gets a D on an autobiography because it lacks scandal. If you want to read a scandalous book, don’t look to someone as decent as Reba McEntire. Good for her to write a book that people of all ages can read. I was proud to read it. If you think that makes me boring, fine; I think it makes me normal.
Michele Mancini
Redford Township, MI

As a big fan and faithful viewer of Living Single, I really enjoyed “Single Minded.” It showed us how down-to-earth the cast is. Thanks!
Deanna Scott
Santa Ana, CA