Ken Tucker
June 03, 1994 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Fall from Grace

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Bernadette Peters, Kevin Spacey, Daryl Mitchell

We gave it a B

The most striking thing about the World War II drama Fall From Grace is that it conveys historical information — in this case, details of the D-Day Normandy invasion. Gary Cole (Midnight Caller) stars as an American Army major working with a British agent, played by James Fox (Remains of the Day), to trick the Germans into thinking the Allies are going to invade Calais. Michael York sits in Paris as chief of German counterespionage, trying to figure out what’s going on while drinking too much brandy (that’s how we know he’s a decadent bad guy).

A U.S.-European coproduction, Fall From Grace isn’t a blazing-guns soap opera the way, say, War and Remembrance was; it assumes we are interested in the strategies both sides used and presents them with a minimum of melodrama. Not that the film lacks sex appeal, especially with Patsy Kensit — Olivia Newton-John with a libido — purring around Europe as Cole’s love interest. B

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