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Victoria Foyt, Matt Salinger, Frances Fisher, Eric Roberts
Henry Jaglom

We gave it a C

While Gena (Victoria Foyt), who may or may not be pregnant, decides whether she would or wouldn’t want to have a baby with a yuppie boyfriend she may or may not love, she attends a baby shower, joined by women who talk and talk and talk about their ticking biological clocks. In its fascination with yakety feminine self-analysis, Henry Jaglom’s Babyfever (cowritten with Foyt, now his wife and the mother of his young duather) is similar to this 1990 film, Eating. And your reaction may be similar too: an unpleasant sense that, in the guise of celebrating the many voices of people with ovaries, the filmmaker has once again managed to turn a serious female concern into a festival of neuroses. C