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The Harvest

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The Harvest

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Mystery and Thriller

We gave it an A-

An insanely original thriller grounded in the woozy logic of a fever dream, The Harvest (1993, Columbia TriStar) marks a startling feature debut for writer-director David Marconi. The likably unglamorous Miguel Ferrer stars as a sullen screenwriter, sent down to Mexico to research a murder, who wakes up one morning with a kidney missing and finds himself in the center of a bizarre conspiracy involving a gorgeous, enigmatic blond (Ferrer’s real-life wife, Leilani Sarelle), a dirty top cop (Henry Silva), and a rough-trade thug with painted toenails (Anthony John Denison). Ferrer and Sarelle’s hot, entirely improbable, sex-while-driving scene is just one of the film’s many irrational highlights. And depending on your sense of the absurd, the final twist is either a major groaner or a great punchline. A-