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Star Trek rumors

We give the facts about rumors started after news that the show would be cancelled

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When the news broke that Paramount would be making Star Trek: Generations—a feature film starring members of both the original and Next Generation casts and reportedly costing $25 million—rumors began multiplying like Tribbles. Entertainment Weekly activated its cloaking device and signed on to America Online and the Internet—where Trekkies flock—to eavesdrop on the gossip. Here’s what we heard.

The Cast Rumors: First, it was said the entire original cast would appear in the film. Then word spread that Scotty (James Doohan) and McCoy (DeForest Kelley) would not, because at their advanced age (both are 74), Paramount wouldn’t insure them. * Facts: Scotty, Chekov (Walter Koenig), and Kirk (William Shatner) are the only original characters in the film. Producer Rick Berman said Kelley and Leonard Nimoy were offered small roles but felt they had said goodbye in the last film. All of The Next Generation’s cast will be in the film.

The Plot Rumors: After Malcolm McDowell signed on as the villain Soran, the conjecturing took more turns than a Ferengi freeway. Some guesses: Data is given an emotion chip and gets it on with Klingon sisters; Riker (Jonathan Frakes) dies; the Enterprise gets offed. In one bootleg script, an ”energy ribbon” acts as a time bridge between the two generations, uniting Kirk and Picard, who battle Soran together; after saving Picard’s life, Kirk dies in his arms. * Facts: Trekkers say Doohan showed up at a March convention and spilled that the black-market script was near the truth, but his agent says, ”He wouldn’t have even seen the finished script by then.”

The Production Rumors: Shatner didn’t recognize Frakes on the set; Shatner and Stewart have fought; Shatner and Stewart have bonded. * Facts: Shatner won’t comment; a Stewart spokesperson says he and Shatner ”get along great.” Berman says the two (who haven’t yet shot their scenes together) have become ”fast friends.”

The Future Rumors: A second Generation movie may center on Q (John de Lancie). A third might feature Picard’s nemesis, the Borg. * Facts: The film’s unit publicist, Don Levy, says, ”We’re not planning future movies before we get halfway through shooting this one.”