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Popular pets of political officeholders

We look at animal friends of politicians

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Socks isn’t the only popular political pet. Below are other officeholders who have to share the mailbox with their animal friends.

Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-Colo.): ”It’s amazing-my dog Wolfie (a keeshond) has a real fan club. He’s always on our Christmas card, and about 90 percent of the cards we receive have something addressed to Wolfie. He doesn’t get much of his own mail, but he always gets regards when people write to me.”

Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.): ”Leader, the miniature schnauzer my wife (Elizabeth) gave me when I became majority leader, answers all of his mail. He signs each letter with a paw print. He always gets mail after TV appearances. Someone even sent him a portrait they painted of him.”

Gov. Ann Richards of Texas: ”My staff gave me an Amazon green parrot for my 60th birthday. Gracie-we believe it’s a female-gets some mail from time to time. A lot of the letters ask what we feed her.”