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Mail: Barbra Streisand

Readers respond to Madonna, Danny Glover, and Edward Furlong

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Diva Dollars

Thank you for the ex-quisite Barbra Streisand cover ( 218, April 15). As a devoted fan for 31 years, I am filled with joy and gratitude that I was able to obtain a concert ticket. As for the furor over whether Streisand is worth the price, she is the most di-vinely gifted and accomplished per-former who ever lived and cannot be measured by any usual standards. She is in a class by herself. Barbra, you are worth any price!
Terry A. Hyde Canton, Ohio

The real issue at the heart of Barbra Streisand’s upcoming tour is not money, scalpers, or greed. What seems to be incomprehensible to the media is that a middle-aged woman could still sell out major arenas without acting like a moron or strutting around with tattoos and cone-shaped bras. It just goes to show you that a combination of smarts and talent will always prevail over mediocrity.
Nina Gut Richmond Hill, N.Y.

My subscription was well worth the price just to see Barbra on the cover! Streisand is the main artery-Madonna is just a bypass.
Rich Pearson Michigan City, Ind.

Madonnasaurus Rex

For a woman whom your magazine labeled obsolete, Madonna sure took up a lot of space in your April 15 issue (”2000 or Bust,” ”Like Aversion,” ”Desperately Seeking a Future”). Her Letterman appearance, as infantile as it may have been, will not even dent her career. She has made more embarrassing moves ^ (can you say Shanghai Surprise and Sex?) and has managed to put them in her rearview mirror and grab headlines.
Eric J. Simon Rydal, Penn.

If America doesn’t care about Madonna or her media tricks, then why was the Madonna interview one of Letterman’s highest-rated shows? If Madonna doesn’t have power over the media anymore, then why was she featured in almost every newspaper after her ”rudefest”? Ma-donna is the King of the Media, and she is not about to give up her throne.
Ryan McNamara Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Hollywood Victims

Yet another child actor (Edward Furlong) has been seduced by the glamour of Hollywood (”A Path to Disaster”). What else is new? The power brokers of the entertainment industry pluck these children from their ambitious parents and shower them with more money than most of us will ever see. Then, when the cuteness fades, they spit them out into the cruel world and move on to their next victims.
Mary Shelton Riverside, Calif.

Key ‘Witness’

So Ty Burr thinks that Danny Glover-in my estimation one of the most versatile actors around-”may, in fact, be constitutionally incapable of playing the darker side” (”Leaky Vehicles”). Quick-somebody get this guy a copy of Witness to throw into his VCR. And when he’s done with that, have him view The Color Purple.
Dale Evva Gelfand Spencertown, N.Y.