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Q&A with Scott Bairstow

We discuss the ”White Fang” actor’s experience and his upcoming plans

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A new face to U.S. movie audiences, Manitoba native Scott Bairstow is actually a show-business veteran: The 24-year-old got his first break 14 years ago on a kids’ educational TV show in Canada. Now he has his first major film role in White Fang 2.

Q: How did you feel about working with a wolf dog? A: There were five of them. Some were less wolf and more dog, some were more wolf and less dog. We got to train with them, and actually they’re scared of people. They would never hurt anyone unless they were really hungry. I was more nervous having to sit in freezing-cold water.

Q: Do you have any pets of your own? A: I have a dog-he’s an English bulldog. His name is Spanky.

Q: What do you want to do next? A: I’m in the studio working on an album of my music (Bairstow plays the guitar, piano, and pan flute), and I’m writing a rock musical. But I’d still like to focus on doing films right now. I feel like I have a hundred years’ worth of things to do, but I have to do it all in the next year.