April 15, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

To soften the annual blow of not winning a Daytime Emmy, All My Children‘s Susan Lucci once said she thinks of herself as ”the Steven Spielberg of daytime.” Spielberg finally got his due, but the 14-time nominee received harsher treatment than usual this year: no nod at all. Ironically, Lucci did some of her best work this season, playing opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar (Kendall, the daughter from hell), and Gellar-whom Lucci is rumored to disdain-was nominated as Best Younger Leading Actress (ouch!). It seems voters wanted to add new names to the mix-perennials David Canary, Elizabeth Hubbard, and Erika Slezak were also overlooked. But Lucci can’t boycott the Emmys: She’s signed to host ABC’s May 25 telecast. And if she smiles through the whole event she really does deserve to be named Best Actress.

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