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Killer mosquitoes in ''Skeeter'' aren't believable

Killer mosquitoes in ”Skeeter” aren’t believable — Close observation of the predators shows the lack of detail in the special effects

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FX, where is thy sting? The special-effects wizards behind Skeeter (1994), about killer mosquitoes that terrorize a small town, obviously haven’t heard the buzz about God being in the details. Sure, the experts didn’t quite have the same resources as Jurassic Park, but at least they made Skeeter‘s winged predators look lethal enough once you stop giggling. Even on that plane, though, believability takes a hit when a cop blows away a larval mosquito lying on the floor of police headquarters. As close scrutiny of the tape reveals, the shotgun blast, coming from about two feet away, vaporizes the outsized insect-yet makes nary a dent on the carpet underneath. What, was it a rental?