April 15, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Invisible Life

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E. Lynn Harris
Anchor Books
Gay and Lesbian, Fiction
We gave it a B-

This first novel, self- published in 1991 and just rereleased by Anchor, is the story of Raymond Tyler, a black law school student from Alabama who moves to New York and experiences the first nervous blooms of bisexual love. In a style as much conversational as narrative, Harris explores the shadowy corners of Tyler’s life as the young lawyer faces, and embraces, his bisexuality-and all the problems that go with it in a heterosexual world. At times Harris is a little too cloying and folksy in his approach, and his blurry, indistinct love scenes have the feel of something observed. But his view of a black family learning to accept gayness as a fact of life in the age of AIDS is moving and dramatically rendered. Invisible Life shows a young writer working to find his voice in a branch of literature where the voices are few and far between. B-

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