April 15, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Into the Night: It’s enough to make Mickey Mouse blush. Disney’s upcoming Bruce Willis thriller, Color of Night, could be the sexiest movie ever made for the wholesome studio. The film, produced for Disney by Cinergi Productions, features steamy sex scenes between Willis and Jane March (The Lover), a lesbian encounter between March and Lesley Ann Warren, and even frontal nudity of Willis. A source says Willis described the movie as a ”f — -fest” in an unreleased promo done for the Cannes Film Festival. But insiders say the studio’s decision to delay Night‘s release until late summer is a sign it wants the film re-edited. No wonder director Richard Rush (The Stunt Man) sounds embattled. ”The movie is exciting, erotic, and exploitable,” he says, ”and now everyone wants to take turns urinating on it.”

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