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What moviemakers are paying for movie stars

What moviemakers are paying for movie stars — We run down the figures for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carey, Julia Roberts and others

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”When these figures get out, it causes us nothing but trouble,” said one of the two dozen producers, agents, and studio executives we interviewed about Hollywood’s last taboo: Who Makes What Now. Our source’s wariness was understandable-the only thing more embarrassing to an actor than appearing to be overpaid is appearing to be underpaid. All figures are in millions and represent the highest current prices for each star.

Top Guns

Arnold Schwarzenegger True Lies , $15

Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop III $15

Michael Keaton Batman 3 $15

Bruce Willis Die Hard 3 $15

Steven Seagal Drop Zone (Offer only) $15

Tom Cruise Interview With the Vampire $14-15

Kevin Costner Waterworld $14

Harrison Ford Clear and Present Danger $10 New asking price $12.5-15

Sylvester Stallone The Specialist $12

Michael Douglas Disclosure $12

Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 3 $10

Al Pacino Noriega $10

Bill Murray Groundhog Day $10

Jack Nicholson Hoffa $10

Robert Redford Asking price $10

Macaulay Culkin Getting Even With Dad $8

Strong Seconds

Jim Carrey Dumb and Dumber $7

Richard Gere Intersection $7

Nick Nolte I Love Trouble $7

Wesley Snipes Drop Zone $7

Steve Martin Nora Ephron Xmas film $6.5

Charlie Sheen Terminal Velocity $6

Tom Hanks Forrest Gump $5-6

Woody Harrelson Money Train $5.5

Michael J. Fox Greedy $5

Jean-Claude Van Damme Time Cop $5

Alec Baldwin Heaven’s Prisoners $5

Tommy Lee Jones Asking Price $5

Denzel Washington The Pelican Brief $4-5

Michael Keaton Non-Batman roles $4-5

Dennis Quaid Asking price $3-5

Christian Slater Asking price $3-5

Women’s Club

Julia Roberts Mary Reilly $8.5

Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act 2 $8

Michelle Pfeiffer My Posse Don’t Do Homework $6

Jodie Foster Nell (acting and producing) $6

Meg Ryan Asking price $5-6 |

Demi Moore Disclosure; The Scarlet Letter $5

Sharon Stone Intersection; The Specialist $5

Barbra Streisand Asking price (acting only) $5

Meryl Streep The River Wild $3-4

Geena Davis Cutthroat Island $2-3

Jamie Lee Curtis Asking price $2-3

Goldie Hawn Asking price $2-3

Nicole Kidman Asking price $2-2.5

Kathleen Turner Serial Mom $2-2.5

Winona RYder Little Women $2-2.2

Debra Winger Shadowlands $2