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The Ultimate Test of TV Trivia

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The Ultimate Test of TV Trivia

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In Season
Jaime O'neill
Harper Paperbacks
Pop Culture, Nonfiction

We gave it a B+

This much is safe to say about TV addicts: They love to be tested. This book, The Ultimate Test of TV Trivia, should be one that warms the heads of tube-aholics everywhere, one that gathers around 40 years of trivia in one tidy package. Warning: Though degree of difficulty varies wildly, many questions will leave casual channel surfers and viewers under 35 in the dust. The first test asks readers to identify random shows from brief descriptions. From there things get more specific, with separate quizzes on kids’ programs, soaps, Westerns, commercials, space shows, cop series, and sitcoms. And in case you start feeling too confined by the small screen, there’s a quiz on TV shows that gave movie stars their starts. B+