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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Mail from our readers

Luke Rebuke
After reading your article on Luke Perry ( 213, March 11), I would like to know why he talks so negatively about the show that made him the star he is today. I do agree that Beverly Hills, 90210 has changed since last summer’s high school graduation, but those changes are making the show better, not worse. Perry should feel blessed that Aaron Spelling liked him enough to hire him-and pay his salary out of his own pocket. If Perry hates 90210, he should leave the show now. I think in the end it would be the best thing for the show and for his career.
Ann Parkinson

Other than the clever play on words, ”Luke Who’s Talking,” I was surprised to see a cover featuring this fellow Luke Perry. To me, he’s not a star! Remember Gable, Garbo, Davis, to name a few? These were stars!
Charles Fleetwood
Fredericksburg, Va.

‘Night’ Feverish

Never before have I agreed so heartily with an article as I did with Bruce Fretts’ suggestions on how to repair Saturday Night Live. I have indeed been dropping off to sleep, or worse, channel-surfing, during the recent shows. You have voiced exactly what I have been thinking for more than two years. I hope Lorne Michaels reads, and heeds, this sage advice before SNL becomes exclusively Nick at Nite nostalgia.
Mark Whalen
Las Vegas

Those 20 suggestions on how to fix Saturday Night Live are the same things that were wrong with the show when you called its cast the ”1992 Entertainers of the Year.”
David Dean
New York City

Your suggestions to Saturday Night Live could not have been more pinpoint accurate. Week after week, I tune in hoping to see a sketch or parody worthy of Monday-morning water-cooler discussion, but it’s never there. All I can remember from this season is Kevin Nealon fumbling his way through another lame ”Weekend Update” segment and G.E. Smith’s stupid grin before every commercial. I’m photocopying your article and mailing it to Lorne Michaels, and I urge anyone who cares about the show to do the same. Suggestion No. 21: Beg Dana Carvey to come back.
David Waters
Bath, Maine

Ollie’s Folly

Why does it not surprise me that Oliver Stone is making a movie where ruthless dictator and convicted drug racketeer Manuel Noriega is the good guy (”Oliver’s Twist”)? I look forward to his next films, where he makes heroes out of Charles Manson and Joseph Stalin.
Mark Richey
Plano, Tex.

Corrections: The ”Mommy Track” article incorrectly cited Lucille Ball’s 1953 pregnancy as a TV first. Five years earlier, actress Mary Kay Stearns had shared her pregnancy with viewers of the DuMont network (and later NBC and CBS) series The Mary Kay and Johnny Show. Also contrary to the article, several prime-time TV characters have had abortions since Maude’s in 1972, though none have been so high profile.