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Hip-hop mergers we'd like to see

Hip-hop mergers we’d like to see — Chris Nashawaty expounds on how great it would be to hear Salt’n’Pepa mixed with Ethel Merman and other oddities

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The best argument for recycling is the ability of rap artists to create new and clever hip-hop fusions by sampling long-forgotten songs from aging musical genres. Whether it’s the jazzy rhythms layered into songs by US 3, the squealing bagpipes co-opted by House of Pain, or the funky slap-bass embraced by the Brand New Heavies, rap seems to have fused with nearly everything. Or has it? How far away are we, really, from a rap/big-band combo called Third Basie?

The Mix: Rap and Broadway Show Tunes. The Band: Salt ‘N’ Merman. Sample Lyrics: You’ll be dope/You’ll be mackin’/Got the whole world pistol-packin’… Everything’s comin’ up roses.

The Mix: Rap and Folk. The Band: Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young MC. Sample Lyrics: Almost shaved my fade/Happened just the other day.

The Mix: Rap and Euro Dance Music. The Band: The Beastie Shop Boys. Sample Lyrics: I’ve got the brains/You’ve the mike/ Let’s clock lots of ducats.

The Mix: Rap and Opera (Hip-Hopera). The Band: Snoop Doggy Domingo. Sample Lyrics: Elucevan e stella/I pulled a 187 on a goodfella.

The Mix: Rap and Polka. The Band: Der Fat Boys. Sample Lyrics: Roll out the hooptie/We’re packin’ heat just for fun.

The Mix: Rap and the Grateful Dead. The Band: Box of Pain. Sample Lyrics: Drivin’ that Jeep/Pager goes beep/Casey Jones you better watch your back.